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My name is Shelley Doucet and I am from New Brunswick, Canada. I am a trail, mountain, and road runner; mother of two (Myles and Ava); Professor in Nursing at the University of New Brunswick; community volunteer; and proud ambassador for Salomon, River & Trail Outdoor Company, Liv9 Nutrition, and Suunto.

I started my competitive running journey in 2014, after my husband and I were busy with two young children and discovered that we could save half our time if we took our dogs for a RUN each day instead of their normal walk.

As I do with all things in life, I took on running at 110%. I hired one of Canada’s top elite endurance coaches, John Lofranco, and he is helping me reach my potential on the roads and in the woods.

I have gained so much from the running community and enjoy giving back through co-organizing charity races with my husband and just sharing my passion for running and inspiring other people to get outside…and of course make sure I find time to do the same daily!

I have an INCREDIBLE support network who share my passion for running, allowing me to go after my ambitious running dreams.

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For an interview with CBC radio following the 2017 Boston Marathon: